The 2019 rodeo is a “limited rodeo” for the three (3) speed events only – barrel racing, pole bending, and flag race.    Entries for these events will be limited to the first sixty (60) contestants who register.

Only on-line entries will be accepted for speed events.   Event entries will open December 19, 2018 and close February 1, 2019.  A sixty-dollar ($60.00) deposit must accompany each entry form.

Late registrations will be accepted for all events, except the three speed events (barrel racing, pole bending, and flag race), bull riding, and steer riding.  The late fee will be a “flat” $50.00 and applies to contestants who have been assigned a 4-digit IGRA contestant number greater than 30 days from registration date.   The late fee applies to contestants registering for or adding chute dogging or roping events.

Contestant registration will be at the rodeo venue from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Friday – February 15, 2018

Bareback Bronc Riding and Ranch Saddle Bronc Riding WILL NOT be offered.

All first-time contestants will be allowed to register and compete.

Day money will be paid in accordance with IGRA Rodeo Rules.

Added Money

Charlie’s Phoenix has added $4,000.00 prize money to be awarded as follows:

If no one places in an event on Saturday, money will not roll to Sunday.   If no one places in an event on Sunday, money will not roll back to Saturday.   If no one places either day, all money stays with the sponsor.