AGRA Rodeo RV Park – 2018

We would like to welcome everyone to the RV Park and campground for 2018.

Due to some financial restrictions this year, the price of diesel, as well as the rising costs of just doing business, we will not be providing power this year.

Everyone who camps is invited to bring their own power source such as self-contained generator units, or small quiet generators for their own purposes through the weekend.

Generator hours will be restricted due to noise pollution potential with so many power sources operating at the same time. Those hours are as follows:

Breakfast times – 0800 to 1100

Dinner times – 1600 to 2100

For the enjoyment of the campground atmosphere for everyone, please restrict your power operating times to these periods. Anyone who cannot abide by these restrictions will be asked nicely to comply.

We know that this may create a hardship for some, but it is a necessary happenstance, and we ask everyone to bear with us during this year of adjustment.

As a result of the lack of provided power we have lowered our RV Park pricing to match a commensurate rate with any US Forest Service Campground. Our pricing for 2018 is:

$15.00 per night, for any rig staying through any portion of the event. This includes up to four people.

$5.00 for each additional person in your party.

Gate entry into the rodeo IS NOT included in this price and must be purchased separately through the website, or at the gates when entering the rodeo grounds.

Rules and RV Park Guidelines are very similar to previous years, and all campers will be provided an updated copy upon arrival. You are expected to abide these rules for your safety, the safety of your fellow campers, and the general public.

We appreciate your assistance in this time of change, and hope you will join us for another year of awesome rodeo events and great fellowship with friends.

For more information and reservations, email Jason Delto at agrarvpark@yahoo.com.   Tell him the size rig you will have, the nights for which you want a reservation (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).    You may begin checking in at noon on Thursday and will pay Jason when you arrive.